Nike Gifts James Milner Customized Boots For His 500 Game Completions In The Premier League

Apparel and footwear multinational company Nike gifted Liverpool star-James Milner that were specially customized to mark Milner’s 500 games in the Premier League. James got customized Special Leeds United boots to celebrate the footballer’s career. The boots hold the logo of each top-flight club the Liverpool star has played for till date. The boot contains the badge of Leeds, and also of other clubs like Manchester City, Aston Villa and, Newcastle United and the current club the star plays for.

As a kid, the footballer was a ticket holder and also a ball boy in the season of Leeds United. The player became a part of the club’s academy when he was 10 years of age post his recruitment as a scout when he was playing in Horsforth for Westbrook Juniors. Later on, Milner played two times in the FA under the Manchester City club and emerged as a star by winning the Premier League both the times.

James has hardly ever played outside of the League. The only time he didn’t play was when he was nailed to the club Sweden Town in April 2003.  After receiving Nike’s heart-warming gift, the footballer tweeted about it. He thanked Nike for acknowledging his 500 appearances in the League and loyal collaboration with the brand for most of his games. He said that this is not the end and he will continue playing for a long time.

The celebration has come out just after news came out that Leeds might want to sign James back, as his Liverpool contract terminates just as the season ends. The Whites fans cannot wait for his return, as they still remember their hometown boy as the youngest goal scorer of the Premier Games of all time. Miner’s versatility can be highly beneficial for any club.

We never know which club the star will sign up in the summer, but right now his Nike boots mark for a new celebration.

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