Signed from Aston Villa a few years ago, James Milner has managed to establish himself as one of the first team regulars at Manchester City despite intense competition from several stars.

The England midfielder has stated that he is extremely self-critical about his performances, and he does not need anyone like the manager to give a verdict on his performance. The 27-year-old has played under 11 managers in his last 11 years of football in the top flight. He has said that Mancini remains as one of the toughest managers to please amongst those he has worked under in these years.

Mancini has always been a manager who does not care about the reputation of the player. This was especially true in the case of the Portuguese legend Luis Figo, who was dropped from the team when Mancini was at Inter Milan. He also fell out with Roberto Bettega – his boyhood hero.

There have been several managers who have been in a similar way. The former QPR and Newcastle United winger Kieron Dyer has recalled how Sir Bobby Robson used to be one of the toughest and most unforgiving managers. Milner, though, has said that Robson was extremely fantastic with him, although he did not have a lot of years with him.

“Personally, I set higher standards than anyone and don’t particularly need anyone to tell me when I’ve played badly or not had a good game. The manager has got his own style. If, in the past, he’s been critical, that just inspires you more to prove him wrong. He’s up there. He is very hands-on, he knows what he wants his players to do. The good things are expected, it’s the bad things you get pulled up on,” said Milner, who has three league goals to his name this season.