Milner announces his international retirement

James Milner has announced his retirement from international football.

He said that he has discussed with the new England manager Sam Allardyce and believes that the best decision for him is to retire from the national team. Milner has made 61 appearances for the England team since his first match in 2009. He has participated in two World Cups as well as two European Championships with the England national team.

Sam Allardyce said that he has agreed to the retirement and believe that it is a good decision by James Milner. He stated that the player has a young family at home and will need to take care of his family members. He said that the player has always been there for his club and country in the past 15 years and deserve some rest at this stage of his career.

Sam Allardyce said that James Milner should be proud of what he has achieved for the national team and that he must now think about his club football. He said that the player has always been a great professional and has made his country proud by his performance. He has wished him well for his career with Liverpool as well as his personal life.

James Milner has told Sam Allardyce that he will be still available for the national team in case his presence is required. Sam Allardyce said that he appreciates this attitude and that he will not hesitate to call James Milner if ever his presence is needed in the national team.

At the moment James Milner said that he wants to focus on his club football and prepare himself well ahead of the new season. This will be the first full season for Jurgen Klopp, and he will be hoping to compete for the title especially that Liverpool will not have the distraction of European football this term.