James Milner Learning Left-Back Role as Quick as Possible

James Milner has become a surprise selection at left back for Liverpool.

It was largely expected that the England international would play as winger or central midfielder for Liverpool when he joined the club on a free transfer from Manchester City. His versatility, though, has meant that Jurgen Klopp has decided to use him as the replacement for Alberto Moreno, who has had a disastrous start to the campaign. Moreno’s form was already under the spotlight and he started to campaign in the worst possible fashion with two high-profile mistakes in back-to-back games.

Even though Milner is not a natural position, he has been asked to play a role for the team and this is something that he has done throughout his career. However, Milner is new to playing as the left back and it is always tough for a player to learn a new position at 30. Despite the hindrances, Milner says that he is trying to learn the position as soon as possible. Since the transfer window is now closed, it is highly expected that Milner will continue as the club’s default left back until a replacement for Moreno arrives in January or the Spaniard improves his form.

Milner says that there are advantages and disadvantages to playing at left back after having been a winger throughout his career. “It is different. There are pluses and minuses to it. It’s new for me and I’m learning as fast as I can. Hopefully I can keep the mistakes to a minimum and do what I can for the team.I think I have adapted throughout my career to playing different positions and this one is different as well. Hopefully my experience and my time in football can help me. I am a Liverpool player and what the manager asks me to do I will do,” said Milner.