Manchester City has played dashing football this season. They have thrashed top class teams on quite a few occasions and have been praised for that, but, in their last game against Newcastle United, they played a little differently. There was no sign of flamboyance in their play in that game and that did surprise a lot of people.

However, the change in approach didn’t bring any change in result as City continued on their merry way and secured another league win.

James Milner who has been a regular figure in City’s line up this season reckons that his team intentionally played a bit defensively against Newcastle.

According to the 28 years old English midfielder, a team can’t play the same way in all the matches. There are days when digging in deep becomes necessary.

Talking to the reporters, Milner said, “To win the league, you must be capable of playing differently. Yes, we are a flamboyant side and like to attack most of the times, but, we can’t do that on each and every day. Sometimes, we need to grind out as well and we did that last weekend. Thankfully, we got the result that we wanted.”

There was a couple of touch and go decisions made by the referee in that game between City and Newcastle and that made the stadium atmosphere really tensed. There were tempers being shown everywhere and Milner actually enjoyed that.

When asked about the atmosphere, he said, “It was enjoyable and I had kind of expected that. The Newcastle supporters are very passionate and they don’t like things going against their team at all.”

The Citizens will lock horns with Blackburn Rovers in their next match. That will be the FA Cup third round game.